Wild Horse Race

One of the most exciting events, the Wild Horse Race has been said to be a rodeo in itself. Unlike the bucking stock used in the standard riding events, these horses are truly wild. They’ve never been ridden before, let alone saddled, and these mustangs plan on keeping it that way! These uncooperative beasts are called “outlaws” which is a term of endearment compared to some of the names tagged on them by the competitors.

wild horse race

The horses are haltered in the chute with a long lead rope. Two cowboys hold on to the end of the rope before the signal to start while the third member of the team holds the saddle in readiness. At the sound of the boom, the chute gate is opened and as soon as the horse crosses the chalk line in front of the chute, the three cowboys try their hardest to get the horse saddled.

A team of two hold the horse long enough to saddle him and allow the third cowboy to mount up, ride across the finish line, dismount, and run to the judge. Sounds simple and easy, but actual practice and theory become two complete strangers during this wild race. The general excitement and mass confusion plus the crowd all contribute to the fun in this favorite event for the spectators.

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Wild Horse Race Rules

  • Three minute time limit.
  • Three men to a team, no alternates.
  • All must wear proper apparel: long sleeves, cowboy hat.
  • Must have saddle, no mechanical devices.
  • Do not open the chute gate until you hear the second bomb go off.
  • After chute gate opens, the horse must cross the white line before he can be saddled.
  • No tripping horses intentionally or other cruelty.
  • All loose horses are free game.
  • After horse is saddled and the rider is mounted, lead rope must be taken off.
  • After mounted man and horse cross the white finish line, first man to judge wins.
  • All ties will be ruled by the flip of a coin.
  • Three places paid per event.
  • High dollar team for all four shows will win buckles.
  • Any team that substitutes a new team member will be considered a new team and will be put at the back of the waiting list for other teams waiting to enter. No substitutes on any team! If your team member gets hurt and cannot compete, your team is out of the next show. The only exception to this rule is if there is no standby team, in that case then any money won will not carry over if you substitute.
  • Judge’s decision is final! Arguments mean disqualification.
  • Fighting or causing problems in campground may be disqualification.
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