The celebration committee was formed in 1951 to make the Dayton Rodeo a community wide celebration. The committee consists of 5 voted members from two clubs: the Dayton Community Club and the Dayton Wranglers Saddle Club.  The presidents of each club are alternate members of the committee and have voting privileges in the absence of one of the members. 


Committee dynamics change every year and that brings new ideas and ways to improve, we continue to strive for consistency and solidity, and we are very forward thinking.  We have set some simple goals: to continue to strengthen the relationship with sponsors which enables the committee to reach our goals; to continue to keep ticket prices low for the consumer: and to maintain the high-level of production you have come to expect - ultimately making the Dayton Rodeo the BEST PRO RODEO that we can.

Committee member work consists of designing, planning and implementing improvement projects that will enhance the entire rodeo experience; we are striving to implement consistent procedures; and we are focused on continued sponsorship development to produce the best rodeo experience for everyone!

NOTE: The 2021 Dayton Rodeo is currently being planned - the Rodeo Committee will continue to monitor regulations to work their hardest to bring you the best rodeo in September 2021!

Make sure you plan to attend the 2021 Dayton Rodeo to check it all out! LET'S RODEO!

2021 Chairman
Matt Johnson
2019 Rodeo Celebration Committee

2019 Celebration Committee Members

Front Row: Chris Mallicoat, Jerry Niemeyer, Lynne Heckman, Clayton Bills, Matt Johnson, Heather Reck, Kevan Smith

Back Row: Travis Klingson, Joe Tuel, Gary Schlief, John Porter

Not Available for Picture: Bob Runge, John Skoglund

2021 Committee Officers

Celebration Committee Chair - Matt Johnson

Dayton Wrangler President - John Porter

Community Club President - John Skoglund

Photography provided by J Chansler Photography


​President/Chairman - Matt Johnson

​Vice President - Clayton Bills

​Treasurer - Heather Reck

Secretary - Chris Mallicoat (picture not updated)

2021 Presidents