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Stock Contractor - Cervi Championship Rodeo Company

The Cervi Championship Rodeo Company returns to the Dayton Rodeo again as the stock contractor for the Dayton Championship Rodeo.

Why does the Stock Contractor matter to you?  Having a stock contractor be able to bring you the best stock for the cowboys provides YOU with the ultimate rodeo experience - from their bucking horses, & knowledgeable pickup men, to the excellent cattle for the timed events - their role in the production is critical in every rodeo performance.  


When speaking with Binion Cervi you get the sincere sense that he is committed to working with the Dayton Rodeo to bring the best stock and cowboys each and every rodeo - Helping us bring YOU the best rodeo experience!

Cervi Championship Rodeo Company blends rodeo production and the stock contracting role.  They surpass their role as a stock contractor, as the Cervi's provide all-inclusive rodeo production services - Ranging from increasing attendance through strategic promotions and sponsorships, to utilizing their network in order to hire high-demand entertainment.


Decades of breeding for the chance to buck.


When Mike Cervi purchased the rodeo company in 1967, all he wanted was to provide quality stock for fans to enjoy.  Today Cervi Championship Rodeo performs above and beyond his dreams, as they are the largest rodeo producers in the PRCA.


From the beginning, the Cervi's have been blessed to purchase superior bloodlines. One of Mike's top horses in the late 1960's included Descent, a six-time bucking horse of the year. Since then, the company has consistently taken horses and bulls to the National Finals Rodeo. To help the future of the industry, Cervi Championship Rodeo decided to purchase less of their stock and to further develop their breeding program in 1990. Today, their program consists of over 900 horses and over 150 bulls.


To get where they are today, Cervi Rodeo has worked with many stock contractors over the years in order to gain access to a more diverse gene pool. Cervi's and their partners have been able to interchange their studs, so that they are now able to breed over a hundred mares each season.“It is just not in our [Cervi family] nature to do something mediocre,” says Binion Cervi, Manager of Cervi Championship Rodeo.  In the late 1990’s through the early 2000’s, Cervi’s purchased a young filly named Big Sky. In her career, she went on to the National Finals Rodeo 10 times and was always featured with the best set of bucking horses, known as the “TV Pen.  ”But it would not be until two generations later that her bloodlines would shine like she did. 


Big Sky’s great-grandson, Womanizer, born and raised on the Cervi Ranch, was voted as the 2020 PRCA Saddle Bronc Horse of the Year. Even though his career has just begun, he has consistently been one of the highest marked horses at every rodeo he performs at.


Yet even a horse like Womanizer, needs his teammates to make an outstanding rodeo performance complete.  His colleagues, and family members, consist of horses like Avenger, the highest mark Saddle Bronc Horse of the 2020 National Finals Rodeo, and William Wallace, a bareback horse who has performed at the National Finals 5 years in a row, while placing in every round he competes in.


“We wait until our horses are 4 years old before they are bucked.  So it is at least 5 years before we have any idea of how well they might do,”explains Chase Cervi, a 2 time PRCA Pickup Man of the Year, and a 6 time National Finals Pickup Man, “But putting in years of hard work--the accomplishments have made it all worthwhile."


However, the work doesn't stop at raising them, Cervi Championship Rodeo strategizes to build the best team for the specific arena they will be performing in. Depending upon the arena size, location, weather, along with the horse's age, experience, and tendencies, are all factors that can help or hurt certain bucking horses. Thanks to their long string of horses, the Cervi Brothers have the ability to bring in the right caliber of livestock for the best rodeo experience, at a minimal cost.


For upcoming rodeo performances, and for more information, visit:

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