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The Dayton Rodeo Serpentine Riders are the ambassadors for the Dayton Rodeo.  Prior to the Grand Entry Dayton Rodeo’s Serpentine Riders will entertain the audience with their precision horsemanship.

The drill team is the beauty to the bull riders' brawn; the yin to the saddle bronc yang; the glitz to the wild horse race grit. They are superb horsewomen and athletes, who open each rodeo with a tightly choreographed performance that wows the audience each time.


The 2022 Serpentine Drill Teams is led by Mya Porter. These ladies are all members of the Dayton Wranglers Saddle Club. This spectacular show is one of the most colorful, intricate displays of horsemanship you will see and has been a Dayton Rodeo tradition for many years.  The music, horses, flags and cowgirls decorate the arena for our Grand Entry. The Serpentine Riders gallop around the arena in time to the music with flashy routines to dazzle everyone!


Photography provided by J Chansler Photography

2022 Serpentine Riders: 

Top Row: Shelby Sorenson, Mya Porter, Amanda Buenting, Alivia Anderson

Haylie Roberts, Lauren Davis, Kalie Buenting, Kailey Konvalinka, Natalie Riker

Caitlyn Klingson, Kelsey Nelson, Ashlyn Lovig

Harley Eckert, Jenny Eckert

Come meet the Serpentine Riders at the 2022 Dayton Rodeo - they will be signing autographs at the Rodeo Kids Corral from 5 - 6 pm on Saturday & Sunday and Monday 11:30 - 12:30 pm!!!

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